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In the world now, the massive revolution of the digital era is already happening. Promoting, attracting, and finding new customers for fast sales and more are not limited to advertisements on the television, radio, or billboards. The marketing revolution boomed and also booming now and then. But this is making the game very challenging for small businesses. According to our research and expertise, small businesses struggle a lot when it comes to marketing. And proper marketing under budget is like “Oxygen” for small businesses. That’s why we are here with Zym.ai review for growing your small business.

What Is Zym.ai?

Zym.ai is the new, unique, and according to our research, the best Marketing Management Platform. For small businesses, it helps them as a ‘Life Saver.’ From finding new customers, promoting your small business online to fast sales, and more, Zym is here to do all.

Zym serves its users the most critical tools, outlines according to your business, and support that is full of dedication. It means everything that you need for growing the business and beating the game of marketing.

Now let us show you in detail why you should use Zym to grow a small business’s marketing.

The Best And Complete Zym.ai Review For You

After our thorough research and analysis, we are here with the complete Zym.ai review. Indeed by the end of the article, you are going to know everything about Zym and whether it is worth using and beneficial for your small business or not. Keep on reading.

How Zym Will Help Your Business?

After our thorough research, we found out that Zym is an ‘Omnichannel,’ or we can also call it a Multi-Purpose tool. Zym believes that every business is different from each other. All companies have different objectives, goals, missions, and targets. So do their marketing techniques and ways.

Knowing this very well, Zym is here with varieties of tools for growing your business.

Maybe for some businesses, Facebook or LinkedIn marketing might work the best, or perhaps for some Email Marketing or some Paid advertising. This means it can be anything that will go perfectly with your business.

And now the best part about Zym is you can use the options, techniques, or methods that you know works the best for your business.

Here in Zym, you can experiment and find out what tool works for your business marketing. And you are not bound to have extended contracts with them.



Let us now show you how Zym will help your business grow and make fast sales.

  1. Unique Features Of Zym

Identify Who Is Visiting Your Website
Zym’s website reveals a feature that can identify who is visiting your website. They can identify the person, company and also get detailed contact information. Plus can track anonymous visitors also.

  • Reveal Peoples’ Contact Information From LinkedIn

This feature is exciting. If you have done the research and identified your prospects, Zym can automatically reveal their contact email and phone number to you from LinkedIn.

  •  Discover Contact Information From Your Target Companies

Via Zym, if you can find the information of all the companies who are your target. Discovering this private information is challenging, so see, Zym can help you a lot with this.

  • Social Media Marketing Management From One Platform

With Zym, you can do all the work of your social media channels right here. From Zym, you can manage and schedule unlimited posts for weeks, months, or even years with your team.
You can see how helpful this social media management tool is by Zym.

  • Create Powerful Advertisements

You can create powerful advertisements for reaching the new targeted customers with Zym for Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. And you can also track the campaigns’ performances in just one place.

  • Get To Know Where Your Leads Are Coming From

This striking feature helps you to gain insight from your marketing campaigns. Check out the mediums which are contributing to you the most and organize your resources in that way.

  • Zym Describes You The Numbers And Results

It provides you with various tools to understand many things, like what is working for you and what’s not. Detailed analytics helps you to decide a lot of things in your business.

  • Easy ON-OFF System Of The Tools

If a tool is not what you need in Zym, it means you are not using it, then turn it off. You don’t have to pay for the tools that you don’t need.

  •  Great Money Tracking System

Through Zym’s tool, you can track the money that you spend on your campaigns.

These are the unique features of Zym. We have seen many small business owners using Zym and being benefited a lot.

  • The Services Zym Provides You

This platform covers everything that you need for your business. Some services are free of charge. And some services are paid services.

  • Free Tools

Zym provides bunches of free tools. Such as:

  1. Strategy Planner
  2. Planner (Content and Deadline Planning)
  3. Calendar
  4. Content Library
  5. Design
  6. Leads
  7. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  8. Academy

Strategy Planning
This tool can help you create the segmentation, target, and position of the strategy. Do everything with your buyer journey, topic clusters, and work with keywords for bringing traffic to your website.

With Zym’s planner, you can plan and schedule all your posts for weeks, months, and even for years. You also can collaborate with your team members, assign tasks to them and track their activities.

Zym Calendar
Zym’s calendar lets you filter everything according to your marketing strategy. Plus, you can see all the owners, team members, types of content, keywords, clusters, and more.

Content Library
You can keep all of your digital assets over here in Zym. Zym’s content library is just superb.

With Zym, you can maintain the personality of your brand very comfortably. It can collaborate with Canva also. Moreover, you can import anything from there and support your perfect brand image with Zym.

Leads Management
Via Zym, you can manage everything about your leads very organically.

The customer relationship management service of Zym is just excellent. You can import all of your contacts here, connect with your audience comfortably from just one platform.

If you are new in this industry of Digital Marketing, then no worries at all. Zym provides you with free Digital Marketing courses and lives training for you.

  • Find New Customers

With this feature, you can do some exciting things such as:

  1.  LinkedIn Reveal
  2. Website Reveal
  3.  Domain Reveal

LinkedIn Reveal
With this cool feature of Zym, you can find out the contact details of the people you target. And you can automatically import them in the CRM section.

Price of Zym.ai

30 USD per month for this service.

Website Reveal
If you want to identify B2B visitors to your website, this tool of Zym is for you. Zym can automatically identify the contact details and also identify their company.
30 USD per month for this service.

Domain Reveal
Again, this tool uncovers the identities of the companies that are your target.
30 USD per month for this service.

● Reach Your Audience
The services of this feature are beneficial for both small and large businesses:

  1.  Social Media Marketing
  2. Blog Marketing
  3.  Email Marketing
  4.  Google Search Ads Manager
  5.  Facebook Ads Integration
  6.  LinkedIn Ads Integration
  7.  Website Intelligence

Social Media Marketing
Everything you need to do in social media for your business can do it all from here—schedule UNLIMITED posts for weeks, months, and years in advance with Zym.
10 USD per month for this service.

Blog Marketing
This service is ideal for businesses with WordPress. This tool includes everything from planning, publishing, collaboration, analytics, and much more. You can do clusters, assign personas, and keywords to every blog for SEO. And unlimited blog publishing.
10 USD per month for this service.

Email Marketing
This tool helps you to do everything with email marketing, from creating professional emails to sending them. You can automate your campaigns with Zym. The limitation is 5000 email credits.
10 USD per month for this service.

Google Search Ads Manager
Create powerful Google Ads directly from Zym. The simple six-step process is so easy to maintain.
15 USD per month for this service.

Facebook Ads Integration
Zym’s Facebook Ads Integration service is really for businesses. You have to connect your Facebook Business Suite with Zym Find Features for marketing in Facebook via Zym.
5 USD per month for this service.

LinkedIn Ads Integration
From Zym, you can monitor and track everything of your target audiences from LinkedIn.
5 USD per month for this tool.

Website Intelligence
Via this service, you will be able to monitor, track, and measure your visitors’ activities.
10 USD per month for this tool.

● Engage Your Audience
Here is more that you can do with Zym. Let’s see:

1. WebForms
2. Web Pop-Ups
3. Short Links
4. Landing Page Builder
5. Inbound Pro
6. Journeys

You can find embed Zym web forms and use them as WordPress Plugins or even web code. You will be able to do a lot more things here.
10 USD per month for this service.

Website Pop-Ups
If you want to create fantastic website pop-ups for your specific targeted audiences, then Zym is the perfect tool for you. Their template website pop-ups are very handy to use.
10 USD per month for this service.

Short Links
With this service, you can promote instantly across all of your social media platforms. You can track everything from this Zym’s short links service.
15 USD per month for this service.

Landing Page Builder
You do not need any design or coding skills. With the help of Zym, you can create unlimited and customized and conversion-optimized landing pages. The templates are elementary to use.
30 USD per month for this service.

Inbound Pro
We saw that this service is truly a lifesaver for many businesses. It includes landing pages templates, then posts entry pages and autoresponders for helping you to launch your site faster.
65 USD per month for this service.

Well, this service is the most highly charged in Zym. Through this, you will build a user-friendly visual journey that can help you create automated emails. You can get new leads and nurture everything with personalized messages.
100 USD per month for this service.

● Convert Sales
The service this feature provides is:
1. Sales Pipeline

Sales Pipeline
Here you can manage the sales pipeline from only one platform. Here you will be able to create unlimited, customizable channels for your business and much more.
25 USD per month for this service.

● Optimize and Nurture
The services are:
1. Data Studio
2. Email Marketing

Data Studio
Through this, business owners can make interactive visual dashboards for all the digital channels. Then you will be able to track KPI, customize the dashboard like your own, and do much more things.
25 USD per month for this service.

Email Marketing
First of all, you do not need to know any coding or design skills for this. Zym’s automated email service can create professional on-brand emails for you. This can save a lot of time.
10 USD per month for this service.

Above, we showed you how Zym could help your small business differently and excellently. Well, you can see how much it will be beneficial for you if you use Zym. It can save a lot of time and money.

More Things To Know About Zym.ai

Zym provides tools and services, but in the resource section on the website, you will find Zym Guides and Blog.
The guides Zym publishes are beneficial and full of information.
Through the blog, you will know many new updates, strategies, tips, and tricks regarding content and much more.

Why Should You Use Zym.ai?

First of all, Zym is a comprehensive marketing platform. Secondly, Zym will help you with full-time support and education. Lastly, it is about the framework that will strengthen you as you keep building.

You only have to pay for the tools that you use and need in Zym.

Conclusion on ‘Zym.ai review’

We have a vast analysis team, and after a thorough analysis by our team, we highly recommend you use Zym to grow your business to the next level.



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