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SpyFu is a great and effective competitor research and analyzing tool. If you would like to know- who are your competitors, then SpyFu can be your great choice.

So, let’s try SpyFu today.

Main Features Recommendation
  • SEO research- provides rich data on the organic search performance of any website.
  • SEO overview- numbers of organic keywords, the volume of organic traffic, inbound links by types, Organic traffic-monthly, etc. you can see here.
  • SEO keywords- see the top-performing SEO organic research keywords for any website.
  • SEO backlinks- you can see the backlink profile of any website.
  • PPC research- Spyfu also shows the PPC data.
  • Keywords rank tracking- you can monitor your as well as competitors ranking performance.
  • Competitive analysis- it enables you to aware of competitors’ tactics for better ranking.
  • Top organic competition– it shows the top organic competitor, so you can take the step as needed.
  • PPC ad history- You can see the paid campaign done by competitors for any website.
  • Good customer support- Spyfu giving excellent customer support by all the way.

√√ This is an excellent keyword research tool that you can use without any hesitation. It’s intelligent competitors analysis way and quality service may help you a lot.

√√ Moreover, it is comparatively cost-effective unlike other keywords research tools (yet, there are some tools is free). Therefore, you can start using it today.

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