5 steps to write powerful product reviews that convert in 2022!


Writing product reviews is never an easy task. If you can follow some rules, you can write great product reviews. But how do you do that?


In this article, I will share everything to make the review engaging that will generate sales. Important to realize that you can’t get any sales if you can’t write product reviews by following an exact format. Maybe you have forgotten to mention something which was necessary and if you don’t express something that a reader needs. You can’t make the content as a sales panel.


With this in mind, I have researched many places and explored many successful niche sites to provide you with the best format. You have to remember, that a word or sentence can change your writing style. For this reason, if you want to make the content a sale engine, then make sure you are writing and expressing the most needed parts of a product.


You don’t know which things are seeking a reader. When you express some core parts of the products amazingly you can be sure it’s going to be a review that will be loved by most of the users. And producing this type of content needs more research, time, and money even if you use some best content writing tools


Anyway, let’s talk about how I have got in my research to make a product review must read as well as search engine and readers will love it and ultimately it will generate sales.

product reviews


#1. Product Review Knowledgebases

Firstly you need to know some basic idea about product review. For example, the purpose of product review, the benefits of review, and what mistakes niche marketers are doing. Let’s explain in detail.

What’s the purpose of a product review?

We know product review is a great thing to make sales. On the other hand, some are sharing their thoughts after using the products. We have to ensure the combination of both sharing the thoughts after using and making the sales. We need to know why you need to write product reviews. You can write a product review for Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or different hosting or tech topics. Let’s know what the purpose of a product review is.


  • Understanding the pros and cons of the desired products
  • If the users will regret buying it
  • Whether the quality of the products will be satisfactory and easy to use
  • If there have any alternatives
  • Knowing the feedback
  • Getting the experience of others 
  • Above all, if the product is worth buying it

In my opinion, the purpose of looking for a product review is to get if it is worth purchasing and get the feedback of the actual users.

Benefits of Product Review Writing

Do you know 88% of customers believe in a well-written product review? Similarly, a product review can increase 18% of the sales of a product. Yes! Customers believe the product review most for using it. With this in mind, the source of the product review is increasing day by day. Let’s see the core benefits of product review writing.


  • Authority. First of all, you can get authority on the niche by describing the product. When you will write a product review, people will take you as an expert. You will get popularity. At the same time, your authorship will increase, and authority means a lot in the marketing world. You can generate it for any type of product through content marketing, and promotion.
  • Money. When you write a great review with engaging content, it will generate sales. It can come from affiliates, AdSense, or direct ads too.
  • SEO. When you write a review you will get chances to promote your long-tail keywords and targeting long-tail keywords means a huge benefit to SEO. Even it is helpful for internal linking of on-page SEO. 
  • Free Stuff. As you are promoting different products, and services online, you will get free access to many of them. You can taste and use newer products, services, and tools regularly.
  • Helping others. At the end of the day, it’s a great chance to help the general people. When you write product reviews a lot of customers and your readers will be able to know about different products. They will be benefited.


Here, I have mentioned some basic benefits of all types of products. You will get much more according to the categories and products.

Consider the below things when writing a product review

#2. Consider the below things when writing a product review

Writing a product review is very easy if you understand the products. Writing more compelling and convincing content for a niche depends on some strategy.


Need to mention, It’s not a great strategy to follow the same rules all the time. Try to make it natural and simple with your writing styles. It is always necessary to use a natural tone. It helps the readers to read the review with entertainment. From here, you can follow some core things when writing a product review.

i. Write like a conscious user

You should remember you are writing a review to inform the readers not to sell only. You are writing a review, not a brochure or product description.

Your words need to achieve trust among the readers. They come to Google for getting an expert suggestion or review. For this reason, you need to tell as an expert. Similarly, you have to consider yourself as a reader. If you can discover yourself what you search in a review when you want to buy or use it. It will be easy to write an engaging review.

ii. Recommend the best products

To make your valuable readers into potential customers always try to recommend reliable products in your niche. For this reason, before highlighting the product you need to research the product first.


Before filtering the best product you have to check the feedback, reviews, comment, and rating. Check some other sites to find the best one for your readers. Important to realize, that you are going to advise the readers which will bring some money for you. So, why will you not recommend the best one to help the users?

iii. Highlight the benefits

Do you know researchers found that 81% of customers buy the products after searching on Google?

When a customer takes the decision to buy a product, he/she searches it on Google to get the reviews. Notably, they don’t expect here the bullet points only. Not to mention, whatever they are searching on Google to know the products, knowing the benefits of the products is their primary intention. They try to know how a product can help them.


FOr this reason, you have to write the pros and cons of a product. You should mention the benefits in a bullet point and try to elaborate on them with the necessary example.

iv. Make it easy to read

When readers come online for information, they look for some easy-to-grab pieces. If you explore some popular blogs or magazines including The New York Time or Forbes, they follow the same rules. When it comes to blogging or review writing, you should present the terms in an easy to understand way.


Make the content with shorter sentences in a clear voice. Try to write always for your readers. At last, before publishing the content check the readability score. You will some free and premium tools, which will help you to check it.

v. Create the content engaging

You have to write content that can create engagement. It is impossible if you can’t express yourself in a friendly manner. On the other hand, make the content resourceful to get shares. It’ll surely bring countless engagements which will bring the sale. So, don’t hunt for sale only. Go ahead with engaging content with great research to impress the readers.

vi. Research many places

Find out what readers are looking for. Your research skills will tell if the content is fulfilling the need of the customers. The more places you research the more your content will be worth reading and resourceful.


If you do not research properly, the readers will not take it seriously. They will think the review lacks credibility. They will not believe your data. The whole work will go underwater.


On the other hand, you have to go to different places to collect the data in a smarter way. You have to take the source of social media, YouTube videos, Amazon reviews, and comments. You should read the bad reviews too if stay. Then, search on google to get any new information. Go to the manufacturer’s website and read how it works and what they are providing actually.


If you want to make more engagement and sales, doing research is a must. When your content will be resourceful and the users will be happy. Surely, it will convert into a sale. Otherwise, a failure review can damage your site in 3 ways.


  • Any readers won’t take the review seriously and it will decrease the sale.
  • Your visitors will go back for an alternative. It will increase the bounce rate horribly and you know increasing bounce rate can hamper sales. The search engine itself doesn’t like it also. Generally, bounce rate tells it’s not satisfactory content for the users. 
  • Finally, your total investment and work will vanish. If you don’t get any sales or if you are unable to show your product on the search engine, will you continue your projects for a long time? 


So, be careful from the starting level of a niche site to make it as authoritative as possible in the same industry.

Consider the below things when writing a product review

vii. Use a friendly tone

Writing content in a friendly tone is essential when writing product reviews. You should remember that you are not writing a brochure. For this reason, the tone will not be in official manners. It will be telling something like a story.


Important to realize, review writing is not a sales funnel at all. It’s just sharing your thoughts after using the products and the readers like it also. Though the review writing gets the most of the sale of a promotion.


Need to mention, when readers come to read a review, he is fully prepared to buy a product. For this reason, you have to inform them of the core benefits and cons of the products. Give them the idea if he is not going to lose. Surely, it will bring huge sales.


At the same time, do not bother them by adding the same things repeatedly. Give them a clear concept of the benefits of the products. Notably, you should give a clear sense of the cons of a product.

So, it’s important to inform in the review as if you are an expert in this term. Now express in a way the listeners are waiting to hear. As a speaker, you have to catch the minds of your listeners. The same way goes for other review writings.

viii. Add Comparison table

When writing product reviews it’s perfect to show some alternative to the readers. Do not tie them into a product. It helps them to understand why they should buy the product before going for another. As you are showcasing other important products here, there has little chance to lose your readers. Even, the readers will check the alternative products and it will surely increase the conversion rate.


On the other hand, when you are telling some other product that you discuss before in your blog, interlink them. It will increase the page view and it’s good for search engine ranking.

ix. Use Call to action naturally

Ultimately, the main goal of your niche site is generating sales. For this reason, you have to use several calls to action. But be careful when using it. As it will generate the sale. With this in mind, you have to behave here carefully. You have to find out where should you put the call to action.


Give more time here when writing the product reviews. It can bring more revenue to your blog by selling products or by signing up for affiliate products. I will recommend keeping the process as natural as possible. Be wise, but don’t cross your limitation.

x. Avoid Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

Be very careful in this section. Don’t make simple spelling and grammar mistakes in the product reviews. It’s very annoying. So try to rewrite grammatical errors in sentences as well as keep the spelling correct. Never keep the huge typos in your content. Doing the grammatical error and spelling problems can hurt the effectiveness of the content. You can try Grammarly to check the grammar, spelling, and plagiarism too. You can try their free version too.

#3. How to write Epic review always

Follow the AIDACA Rule to write the epic review all the time. What is AIDACA? Andy Maslen describes the AIDCA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Conviction, and Action) in his great book “Write To Sell” and for product review writing James Johnson from Niche Hacks describes it as AIDACA as well. Let’s see what it is.


  1. Attention: Grab the attention of your readers and follow the techniques to hold it.
  2. Interest: Describe the product that they desire and get interested in. Share in a friendly manner and it’ll ultimately bring sales.

iii: Desire: Realize why they need this product. Explain with pros and cons.

iv: Alternatives: No one believes to stay in a single place. For this reason, for getting more concentration describe some alternative ways.


  1. Conclusion: Share your personal opinions and experiences
  2. Action: Give a ‘call to action’ when writing. You have to discover where needs it and where not.


If you consider the above things when writing a product review or content, you can surely generate a great piece in your niche. You will get more sales, conversion, and reliability.

#4. The key Structure of a Product Review (10 Steps of Writing)

It’s time to take preparation for writing the product reviews. Important to realize that, the reviews of a product never seem like a sale page. Surely, as a niche marketer, you have the hope to make money. But you should not forget the truth about user satisfaction and what they want. 


You can bring visitors to your page by doing SEO or great content. Similarly, you have to remember that, you are reviewing a product. So, here needs to review the product naturally not in an official manner. People like the product reviews because they get the users’ opinions and bad or good about the products. They know it’s not possible to get 100% perfect products but they can hope to get the best products.


With this in mind, you have to try to find a great product and provide the essential words to the readers. For this reason, follow the below outline to make your product review amazing. Surely, it will bring sales and conversion on a regular basis.

i. Headline/Title

A title is the most amazing part of attracting visitors from the search engine. It needs to apply more creativity. Give a title to 50 to 60 characters. According to MOZ, Google shows a title in the search engine below 60 characters. So, try to keep it interesting and add humor when providing a title.


Sometimes, you need to provide a title according to the product. Then consider it. On the other hand, always add ‘call to action’ in the title. It inspires visitors to enter your blog. It can be something like a step by step guide, a complete guide, or expert opinions. 

Consider the below things when writing a product review

ii. Intro of the product

You should remember that an introduction is the best way to keep reading your visitors. So, discuss the core needs of the readers here. Give special features an outline.


Especially, an introduction will tell what you are going to tell them. Similarly, they will realize their need. I tell like that your intro will be the total overview of the content and you have to write it to keep them reading.

Give the idea of the products and talk about the features with the bullet point. What is different and why this review can help him for buying a good product. How can this product help them? Try to understand them they are really good and the deal can help them in many ways.

iii. Write in detail about the products

This is the core part of your writing. Here you have to discuss in one or two paragraphs the features of the product. It will keep your visitors engaged. The area is very important. You should highlight all the great features of the product here. It’s not only the pros but also why people are using it, and why it’s necessary for the readers.


It’s no matter what you want to share, you have to write what the readers want to see. So, don’t forget to add the core features of the products. If you have the experience to use the product then express how you get the product helpful. Similarly, if you don’t use the product, then read some existing reviews or take help from the product description and specifications. In the end, you have to include the core features of the product as you can.


  1. Give 1st link to the products

Now if you already have the product and want to use it like affiliate marketing or direct ads, then add it at the end of the description with a great call to action. As a writer, you know how a call to action can bring conversion.


  1. First Key Features (Subheadline) of the product

Here describe one of the core features of the product. According to the product description, choose the important 1 or 2 features and add them with a subheadline. Make sure you have sufficient knowledge and material to make it a great paragraph. Now describe the features as much as possible as you can. Try to highlight the features and why it has made the product more attractive and usable.


  1. Second Key Features (Subheadline) of the product

Now choose another key feature of the product and describe it with your thinking. Add value and examples to make the features more efficient.


  1. Other key features of the product (Subheadline)


You can point out or describe any other core features of the product in the subheadline if it has. If not skip it. But if you think you should make more features to highlight the product, then do it. Always remember to add value. Otherwise, there was no need to describe it in the subheadline.

iv. Write Pros and Cons about the Product

It’s time to point out the Pros and cons of the product. You can add it to a bullet list or you can add some details with the main point. If you write the pillar content with a buying keyword, then try to add some description. Otherwise, add it to a bullet list. never forget to add the cons of the product. Similarly, never do overoptimize.

v. Comparison of the Products

You have to compare some similar products with the selected one. Make a clear sense to discuss the difference between them. Add the more attractive part of the product and try to make it well-organized.

vi. Main features of the product (Bullet List)

Here, you add the main features of the product in a bullet list. Never over-describe it. Try to add the main points.

vii. Give 2nd link to the products

Now add another link pointing to the product. You need to bring varieties when adding the link. Try to use it in different ways with visual content or text like DM Tools.

viii. Description of the reviews and feedback (Subheadline) If you can

Now you can check the reviews and feedback on the product page of Amazon or any other business website. Now describe it with your thought. Express why they like the product. What is necessary when buying and what not?


Description About the negative feedback and your partially positive thoughts as well here. Never express positive reviews and feedback only. Point out some negative feedback too. Here needs to give some positive thinking of you and what the actual reason is. You can do it cleverly although some negative feedback needs to support.

ix. Give the third link to the products

Now give the third link of the product. When you are writing content of 7k to 10k words, then there was no problem to add the 3rd link. Make the link eye-catching.

x. Summary of your reviews and conclusion

Now write the summary of the whole discussion. Express your opinions. Share your experience if you use the product. Never hesitate to tell anything. You can add the 2-3 paragraphs here also. The last paragraph will be the conclusion. Bring the finish point and inspire them to use the product to get the same experience as you.


Note: You can alternate any point or you can remove or add any new point considering your products and need. I’ve discussed only the standard format of the most popular affiliate niche sites. Be careful and apply your creativity when writing your review. Never do anything which decreases user-friendliness.  

Product Reviews

#5. Consider SEO Writing

It’s a crucial part of review writing. As it’s the main concentration of us is to rank the review on Google as well as other search engines. Consider the below parts at least when writing the review.

i. Format the Content Accurately

For SEO writing it’s very necessary to format the content. Adding the Heading tag appropriately is very necessary. Similarly, it’s essential to add bullet points to the content. Using italic, bold options within the paragraph is very important.

ii. Add an eye-catching headline

Headline decides if any readers are coming to your blog. If you can add an eye-catching headline, it will surely attract visitors. Similarly, adding the primary keywords to the headline is a must. If you can add the ‘call to action’, it will be more effective.

iii. Add Meta descriptions

Sometimes we write killer content, but forget to add the meta description although search engine takes the meta description from the content. It’s good practice to add a custom one with the keyword and call to action.

iv. Increase readability

The content will get more visibility when you can increase the readability. Use shorter sentences, easy to understand the word, and keep it in the active voice. Always make the content a story. It’s very good to use a friendly tone rather than a formal one.

v. Longer is better for the content

Make the content as long as you can. Researchers are showing longer content gets ranked on the search engine fast. So, try to concentrate here. Invest more in the content to make a popular review. At the same time, don’t add unrelated words to make it lengthy. 

vi. Optimize the Main Keywords

Keep a variation on the primary keywords. You should optimize the primary/main keywords and try to keep it to 0.5 to 1%. Similarly, use the secondary keywords among the content to bring variations on the keywords. Never forget to use the synonym of the main keywords too.

vii. Add visual content

Visual content makes the review more attractive. It looks natural in the eyes of Google. Try to add visual content to your content. Make a combination of images and videos for making it more efficient.

Product Reviews

(Bonus tips) 5 mistakes niche marketers do mostly

i. Working with the 5 star only

You may think working with a 5-star product is a must need. But you don’t know there have many good products with 3.5+ star feedback. On the other hand, you should be honest in saying they are a 4-star product. Here has no problem.

ii. Writing Thin Content

Sometimes, we can’t realize the importance of the content. We think we have to write the content and it will bring me the sale. But you don’t know thin, unoptimized, or shorter content never gets ranked in the search engine. So, you can get the penalty from Google. So, always try to have valuable and longer content.

iii. Expressing the Pros Only

On the other hand, you may tell only the pros of the products to make more sales. But the reality is different. You may think it can bring more sales. But the researchers are telling the opposite. You will need to express both the pros and cons. It helps the customers to compare. 


Another key point is never to tell everything is OK for every product you are reviewing. You have the capacity to compare one another.


You have to experiment to find out the difference between two or more. It will surely bring more sales than praising all the products. You will find a lot of products that have not 5-star feedback but doing very well in the market.

iv. Writing Only The Sales Content

Another fault niche marketers are doing, they are adding the sales content only. Sales content means which brings sales. But they don’t understand that Google loves content and quality content. So, if you want to make the site natural and evergreen add more informative content with the sales content.


I will recommend writing the content with a 1:5 variation. That if you give 1 sales content then add at least 5 informative content. It will help you to interlink the content clearly and you can point to the money content more time. Similarly, it’s easy to rank the informative content. So, you will get more visitors from the informative content.


At the same time, make high-quality content with long-tail keywords. It gets ranked easily and it can increase your domain authority of you. Similarly, it will bring potential and targeted visitors to you. So, never make the fault of writing the sales content only.

v. Promoting poor content:

We know that content marketing is very necessary for getting backlinks as well as visitors to your website. But if you promote poorly optimized content, it will bring a bad reputation. You will not get any natural links. For this reason, always try to make great content with value and try to promote it in the right ways.


Product Reviews

Now it’s your turn…

At last, I’m at the finishing point. According to the experts, if you follow the above points, it will surely make your content evergreen and it will bring huge sales. I will encourage you to read it several times when writing the product reviews to grab the main point clearly. 


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