Omnisend vs Moosend – which is better

Omnisend vs Moosend

With so many choices for digital marketing tools out there, it is challenging to find the best one. So many bloggers and marketers use different marketing tools for different sales funnel, Whereas Email marketing is such a great digital marketing channel for any business online. Digital Marketing tools combine the reach and accessibility of the internet to enable us to market our products across the world.

And there are a lot of email marketing tools you can use to boost your business conversion goal. Such as “Omnisend” and “Moosend“.

Keep reading this article for a brief description about Omnisend vs Moosend – which is better. So, let’s dive into it.

What is “Omnisend” and “Moosend”

Omnisend and Moosend are two of the most effective tools for improving digital marketing around the world.

Omnisend is an eCommerce-tailored email & SMS marketing automation platform built to help agile teams drive more revenue without increasing their workload. One-click eCommerce stack integrations, pre-built workflows, and intuitive drag & drop editing make it easy to get up & run without diving into the gritty details unless you want to.

Moosend is on a mission to become the best Mailchimp alternative in the world, and we believe they have what it takes. Moosend has been going on since 2011, but they’ve significantly improved in the last few years.

Omnisend is easy to use, has more than enough features to satisfy your email marketing needs, and, best of all, it’s cheap! Super cheap fact. Over 50,000 eCommerce brands use Omnisend to grow their businesses on autopilot by converting customers with simple-to-create, highly-relevant emails and texts.

Moosend takes all the benefits of Email Marketing Minus The coding size doesn’t matter. Your business does not matter, Big or small; this marketing platform helps your business deliver potent emails that get opened and clicked every time. And they are drop-dead beautiful.

Omnisend Creating and sending an email campaign is extremely easy and self-explanatory. The marketing automation platform of Omnisend connects your eCommerce business with potential and existing customers across multiple channels: email, SMS, Facebook, Google, and others.

So, Why Omnisend or Moosend?

Let Your Business Sell Itself with Moosend Marketing Automation. Simplify your marketing tasks and reach your ambitions at the push of a button. Save time and hassles with Moosend’s exceptional automation features and thrust your email marketing forward. If you want to work with the best marketing platforms, such as Moosend, they will assist you in creating a top-notch business. Email Automation Templates, Drag & Drop Automation Editor, Website and User Tracking, Advanced Reporting, Email Personalization, and other valuable features are available in Moosend.

Omnisend, Improve your targeting with robust segmentation. Omnisend separates your customers based on their shopping behavior as well as other properties to improve conversions with well-targeted, personalized emails and texts. Omnisend creates segments for high-value customers, specific category/product shoppers, or those that need to be reengaged, and Combiness email with SMS and more channels.

Other additional features of Omnised:

Add SMS and push notifications near your emails using the same program and enjoy a consistent, omnichannel customer experience. Save time and costs; there’s no need to pay for separate email, SMS, and push apps anymore! Personalize your messaging.

Omnisend builds your email & SMS lists, Collect new subscribers using mobile-friendly, fully customizable forms, signup boxes, landing pages, or a wheel of fortune to seamlessly collect email and SMS opt-ins. Capture your visitors with exit-intent forms and improve popup engagement using form targeting options, all available within Omnisend.

Comparison between Omnisend vs Moosend


Omnisend Moosend
  • Marketing automation
Yes Yes
  • Email Automation Templates
  Yes No
  • Custom Sign-up Forms
Yes Yes
  • Forms Reports
Yes Yes
  • Responsive Newsletter
Yes Yes
  • Push notification
Yes No
  • Smart send solution
Yes Yes
  • Exports Reports
Yes Yes
  • Integration
Yes Yes
  • Free Plan/Free Trial
available available
  • Official Website


 What is our recommendation about Omnisend vs Moosend:

Both the tools offer exclusive features and functionality to the users, so we can’t recommend one against another! But there are slightly different features and benefits are available in Omnisend for the eCommerce business owners; that is why we can recommend Omnisend in this case.

But if you would like to start your email marketing journey, you can quickly get started with Moosend. However, both the tools have marketing automation to segmentation functionality, so you can use Omnisend or Moosend, whatever you like most.


Conclusion for Omnisend vs Moosend:

When it comes to great marketing tools, Omnisend vs Moosend both has their place. Moosend has user-friendly features, and Omnisend has the same. Speaking of the Moosend, you’re also getting a FULL approach to this exclusive, premium bonuses that have been elected to ensure they go side by side with Omnisend, so you succeed in using it to build your business online.

Omnisend creates beautiful, shoppable emails in minutes using their drag & drop email builder and various ready-made email templates.  Omnisend’s best features include adding coupon codes, automatically picking and inserting products, and automatically resending campaigns to non-openers–all without any time-consuming manual work. They provide specific services to their customers and are suitable for online businesses.

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