Canva vs Stencil – which is the best image editing tool for bloggers

Stencil vs Canva

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Image editing is an indispensable task for blogging. If we want to design our blog posts; we need related images to make the posts look the most awesome. Because a visualized post attracts the audience better than a regular post. But editing anything is a slightly technical task which is sometimes difficult for someone; especially for the marketers who have no sufficient photoshop knowledge always. And the good news is- there are some tremendous online image editing tools in the industry that require no technical knowledge to use, such as Canva and Stencil. So we will discuss more about Canva vs Stencil.

Canva vs Stencil

So, now the question is Canva vs Stencil, which is the best for bloggers? Wait a minute and let us share with you some basic features of Canva and Stencil.

Canva Stencil
√√  Easy to use  √√  Simple to use
√√  Image roper √√   2,200,000+ royalty-free photos
√√  Stylish typography available √√  Easy to upload your own image
√√  Photo enhancer √√  Premium support for users
√√  Lots of free icons √√  Image attribution is not required
√√  Available photo frames √√  Easy downloading procedure
√√  Lots of stickers  √√  Pre-size for different social media
√√  Huge numbers of badges available √√  More than 2,000,000 icons
√√  Having a speech bubble maker  √√  800+ built-in Templates
√√  Having a browser extension (install from here) √√  Having 2,500+ Google Fonts
√√  Social media images √√  Browser extension (install from here)
√√ Others √√  Image Filters available


So, at this moment, you’ve already learned some basic features of Canva and Stencil. We’ve talked to many bloggers and asked them- regarding Canva vs Stencil. Many of them answered that they like Canva. We use both the tools for our different projects. Both of the tools have many similar features.

So it depends on you, which tool fulfills your needs. Besides Canva vs Stencil, We occasionally use PhotoScape, a desktop-based image editing software. You can try this as well.

A Snapshot of Paid Canva vs Paid Stencil Account

 Paid Stencil Account Paid Canva Account
√√ 4,400,000 photographs √√ 60,000,000+ photos, audios, and videos
√√ 1125+ templates √√ 420,000+ templates
√√ 100,000+ quotes √√ 223,000+ icons
√√ 2,100,000 icons and graphics √√ 3000+ fonts
√√ 75+ preset sizes √√ 20 types of graphs to customize
√√ 3150+ Google fonts  


Pricing of Canva vs Stencil

Both are Freemium tools. Do you know- what is freemium? Yes, it is free+premium. You can use these tools without costing any penny. But if you want to expand your usages and want to use their full functions then you should use their premium plan.

Free Plan

The free plan of Canva has been developed for people and little entirety who are engaged in programs like blogs or social networking sites. In its free plan, you can get free access to more than 8,000 patterns, 100 sketch genres, and many royalty-free photographs and graphics.

While Stencil’s free plan avails you to amass up to 10 baas la per month. And you will enjoy a very small proportion of ikons and photos and can develop only up to 10 compilations to your liking and upload up to 50 photographs.


Pro Plan

The Pro plan of Canva will cost you $9,95 a month. Here you will be offered a brand kit to develop your brand’s logo, fonts, hue, and ikon.

The Pro plan of Stencil will cost you a bit less. It is $9 a month with the offer of 50 photos to your collection and entrée to their gigantic photo gallery, more than 1,000 design genres the provision of logo and watermark.

Unlimited Plan

Canva’s unlimited plan is a bit costlier than Stencil. It will cost you $31 a month whereas Stencil’s unlimited one will cost you $12 per month. But Canva offers you more security and exciting options. In Canva, in the unlimited plan, you can lock your designed images from being redacted by other team members and it offers a brand kit, but Stencil does not provide this advantage also.

Ease of Use

Stencil or Canva, whichever tool you use, each tool has a user-friendly interface. In both of the tools, you can develop and redact your graphics at ease. Both of the tools have mobile apps which are exciting news for freelancers! Both tools have a hue reel from which you can choose according to your desire.

Swiftness and Proficiency

Stencil is more speedy to use than Canva. Canva is a bit slow and sometimes it hangs while downloading the image. But Stencil has the provision of extensions for the leading web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari, and the like. That economize your time and make your work hassle-free. Whereas in Canva you have to forge the original text, then go to the Canva site, make the template and paste the quote into it.

Social Sharing

A startling aspect is that you can share your graphics directly to social media from Stencil. They have integration with Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. Lately, Canva has included such stuff but it is like a scheduling type like Buffer.

Video and Animated Properties

In terms of enlivening your sketches, pictures, templates, Canva is a step ahead. The stencil is not much developed in this respect. Using Canva you can invigorate your object and stir it. You can also avail here the opportunity of using animated stickers. Canva has a full library of stock videos.

Integration with WordPress

Only Stencil has the feature of integration with WordPress. It has a plugin by which you can integrate it into your WordPress site. But regrettably, Canva does not provide such a feature.

So, what do you think about these two image tools– which is the best? Canva or Stencil? Canva is ideal for enterprise work, lead magnets, presentations, video marketing, and digital products, etc. And Stencil is best suited for print on demand items, Pinterest pins, trivial social media graphics, graphics or blog posts, etc. But both tools have free plans and affordable plans. So it depends upon your nature of work and budget that suits you the most.


To be honest, We are not a photoshop designer. We usually design our blog images using these online tools. You can also read our recommended resources for bloggers.

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