Buffer vs HootSuite [which one is better for beginners]

buffer vs hootsuite

Social media management tools able to makes a robust for your business. Consequently, regardless of experts or beginners, keeping touch with social media positively makes great sense. Relatively, among plenty of social media tools, it’s a challenge to find out the best one for you. Hence, we here listed a comparative study on “buffer vs Hootsuite” [which one is better for beginners], may help you lot.

Now, let us see…

Buffer vs Hootsuite

To begin with, the comparative study on both the social media management tools- Buffer and Hootsuite, let’s have a look at the few things on:

  1. Analytics purposes

In light of the fact, whatever you have written, it needs to reach the right audience. Instead of that, you will not be able to get the best result from your website. This is the purpose of analytics. Be that’s as it may,  it shows you the exact result of your post, either they are with the right place or, not.

  • Buffer

In this connection, the buffer is very easy to use. It structured an easy to find and multitasking analytical dashboard that not required any special skill to use.

Subsequently, it enables various clarifying chances for numerous platforms with the easy-understanding format. Relatively, all the information given can be take-away and can obtain with a mobile app, also.

However, if you want to re-publish a post to somewhere else, you will not be able to see the post on the analytics board. Due to its reserved inside Buffer. This is a great unfortunate feature of Buffer.

  • Hootsuite

On the other hand, Hootsuite, in this connection, is a little bit complicated. Thus, it may not be suitable for new users. But, once when you will be used to with it, then it will make a great logic for you, surely.

In light of this fact, [ss_click_to_tweet tweet=”Hootsuite offers detailed data analytics for its users. It shows numerous data, social sentiment, real-time analysis, recent trends, for instance. And, most importantly, it is accessible to all industries.” content=”Hootsuite offers detailed data analytics for its users. It shows numerous data, social sentiment, real-time analysis, recent trends, for instance. And, most importantly, it is accessible to all industries.” style=”default”]

However, you will be able to see these details data for a limited time as a free user. But, as a premium version user, you are welcome always to have it. Unfortunately, this is cost making a feature for Hootsuite.

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Truth to be told that Hootsuite is basically good with the premium version. On the other hand, Buffer is free and giving almost the same benefits that Hootsuite has given.

Thus, as a beginner, you should go with the Buffer. Or, if money doesn’t make sense for you, go with Hootsuite for further benefits.

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  1. Posting priority

In fact, posting or publishing whatever it called, making a great priority in the sense of social media management tools. It takes more time to make a schedule and do the job. Thus, social media took the opportunity to finish it.

Secondly, it is also true that most of the success of a social media campaign emphasis more effort on this. Therefore, many companies appoint a team on it.

  • Buffer

You can schedule for 10 posts each social media with Buffer’s free plan. Relatively, you will be able to use vast space for the schedule of your post. Due to you have an option to use different limits for each media.

There is also a great feature called Buffer Queue. You can make a serial for the post that will live one after another. You just need to select the time when you like to publish the content that is in the Buffer Queue. Then, it will work by itself.

  • Hootsuite

On the other hand, Hootsuite offers you 30 posts for the schedule through all social media with their free plan. However, if you published 20 posts on Facebook, then you will have rest 10 for posting on other media.

Secondly, if you not scheduled to publish your post manually, you can not select the time to publish your post, due to its auto publisher system. In that case, it will publish your post when it thinks the best time to posting it.


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Both the tools are offering some free advantages. Yet, there are some tiny differences. For instance, if you are eager to have more than two social media channels, Buffer makes good sounds for you.

Subsequently, Buffer Queue can be the best option for you, if you want to follow a sequential publishing system for your content. Due to the tremendous algorithm, Buffer can make this happen.

On the other hand, Hootsuite will be more sensible for you if you are using only one or just two social media channels. Due to it’s given bigger limits of post for publishing.

However, if you don’t bother about the sequential ordering, Hootsuite is best for you.

  1. Allowable social networks

To be very honest, you are aiming to make your post more visible to your targeted audience. This is the reason that you are going to select social media management tools that help you lots.

But, the thing is that all social media management tools do not support all the platforms of social media. Unfortunately, there might have one that you preferred most. In the event that it will be useless for you to choose the tools that not support your preferred one. So, it’s important, very important.

  • Buffer

Luckily, Buffer supported almost all the popular social networks, Facebook (pages and groups), Instagram, Linkedin (Profiles and pages), for instance.

Eventually, it also supports Twitter (Personal and business profile) and Google+. Relatively, it also has the option to support Pinterest Board, yet it is only for the pro and business plan.

  • Hootsuite

On the other hand, for Hootsuite, it supported all the social networks supported by the Buffer. Additionally, Hootsuite also supports WordPress blog and YouTube channels. Moreover, you may add some other networks by customizing your dashboard at Hootsuite.

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As you can see here Hootsuite is clearly ahead from Buffer. Additionally, most of the networks offered by Hootsuite are within the free plan. So, it may make a great sense for beginners.

Eventually, if you do not want to go with more channels then go for Buffer.

  1. Price

Honestly speaking, the price may be the most predictive factor to consider while choosing social media tools. Eventually, for beginners it really great things to keep in mind.

Subsequently, both of these tools yet offering free options, however, that may keep you limit to use it. Thus, for beginners, there are many plan options to select. Just take look at the plans and pick the one that fits you most.

  • Buffer

It offers multiple plans for regardless of beginners or others. However, the vital difference among the plans is the number of social accounts you are entitled to use. Yet, it also makes its price plan in some different way:

  • Buffer Publish

It also divided into three options;

  • Pro-$15/monthly is suitable for beginners.
  • Premium-$65/monthly is suitable for growing brands.
  • Business-$99/monthly is suitable for a larger team.
  • Buffer Reply

It also divided into two options;

  • Professional-$50/ monthly is suitable for growing brands.
  • Business-$225/ monthly is suitable for a larger team.
  • Buffer Analyze
  • Premium--$50/ monthly is suitable for growing brands.


Additionally, with the Buffer Reply plan, you can add another one social connection by giving an extra $5/monthly.

  • Hootsuite

Apart from the free plan, it has another 4 plan for the customer. But intelligent thinking for beginners is to use a free plan for some periods then, according to the demand set a best one from the below listed:

  • Professional– $29/monthly charge.
  • Team-$129/monthly charge.
  • Business-$599/monthly charge.
  • Enterprise– Negotiable.

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It clearly seems that in the event of the pricing category, Buffer is slightly ahead of Hootsuite. Subsequently, Hootsuite also has a negotiable option for the bulk purchase, that Buffer does not.

Besides this, Hootsuite also has 30 days, and Buffer offers only 14 days for a free trial.


We have discussed herewith on “buffer vs Hootsuite”. Both of the tools are trying to meet the customer’s needs with affordable pricing. However, the way of offers may differ. Furthermore, both have some weak points as well as strong ones.

But, to be honest, this above statement is not going to satisfy you, surely. As you are wanting the exact answer on Buffer vs Hootsuite – which one is better for beginners, right?


Conclusion of Buffer vs Hootsuite comparison

In the event that we love to suggest you in two ways:

  • If you want a cheaper and easy to use social media management tools that can meet almost all the preliminary requirements you need, go with Buffer.


  • If you do not agree with the above statement, relatively want to more powerful adjustments tools that might cost you a little bit more, go with the Hootsuite.


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