3 best Google AdSense alternatives for bloggers in 2022


Many people search for Best Google AdSense Alternative, but why? Those who are involved in blogging already know this. Especially because of the Google AdSense policy, the publishers often lose their Ad Accounts, which takes a lot of time and effort to recover.


All bloggers and website owners around the world use Google AdSense service for trust and user-friendly interface. Adsense in particular shows the ad as per the demand of the visitors. Due to this, the impression rate is much higher and therefore a good amount of income can be earned by combining impression and CPC. But as the rules for using AdSense gradually become harder, we have to think about alternatives. Admittedly, there is no such thing as an AdSense online service as an ad network. But there are some services that don’t work like AdSense, but they are very close.


Actually, when you become dependent on online income, especially blogging. Then you have to apply some alternative methods for stable income.


And in this case, you need to think of a Google Adsense alternative. But does Google have an alternative again? Of course, there is. With the advancement of internet technology, people are now increasingly dependent on online content. That is why alternative business is constantly being created here. So you need to adapt to all kinds of alternatives if you want to survive in this world.


So what are the best Google Adsense alternative sites? There is no rush. Let’s start learning about the best Google Adsense Alternative for bloggers in 2022.


Best Google Adsense Alternative


When you want to make money from your website or blog, we all understand the importance of contextual ads. And here Google Adsense has been serving us since 2003. And for many years we have not found the right alternative to Google Adsense. However, it cannot be said that you will get it now even in the golden age of the internet. And that’s why I will help you to find the best Google AdSense alternative. Let’s try to find an alternative to Google Adsense without delay.


Google Alternative Website
Media .net Know Details From Here
Bidvertiser .com Know Details From Here
Infolinks .com  Know Details From Here


So, click here to join and know more. 


Media .net 


#1. Media .net 


Media .net is one of the best Google alternatives if your site has unique 500K impressions per month and meets the requirements of other sites. Their CPM rates vary depending on the content of your website. You can earn $0.5 to $2.5 CPM. With some strategies, you can increase your CPM rate.


Media .net pays 55% of your advertising revenue. The only way to pay is by check which can take a long time to get credited to your account. 


Interested? Then you can apply for Media .net. They examine each application manually before approval.


Media .net PPC and CPM rates are better than many AdSense options because they have a large number of advertisers on their network. This may work well for some publishers but not for others. They pay by US dollars check. You can find many ad formats that are suitable for your blog.


You can use 10 different types of ad formats on your website. You can use inline text links, text and image banner ads, pop-under ads, and in-country ads. You can monetize your blog and geographic target keywords according to the format of the ads from Media .net.


It takes about 3 days to review your application after you sign up. It may take up to 2 weeks or more to verify your application so do not apply an ad code until approval and they will enjoy free ads on your website.


Click here to know more about Media .net




#2. Bidvertiser


Many people choose Bidvertiser as an alternative to Google AdSense because they have a very generous T&C and you can easily get approval. If you have never worked with another ad network and if you are earning from Bidvertiser, you may think this is a good choice, but if you’ve worked with AdSense, you know what I’m talking about.


A long time ago, I tried to test the Bidvertizer with AdSense. I used only two vertical ad units of the same size in my post. Bidvertiser on the one hand and AdSense on the other. I earned only 5% of what I earned on Bidvertiser through AdSense. There was also a big difference in the ad CTR.


Then for the next few days, I changed the position of their ad to see if the other surrounding ads received more CTR. Check out this link to join Bidvertiser.


Bidvertiser is a good advertising network and you can earn sufficient money through its network. The signup process is very simple and you can easily get approval despite the principle of their strict requirements for some time. Your revenue will increase if your website is able to sell more to advertisers. Many people complain about installing spyware on your computer so if you work with Bitvertiser then install good spyware on your PC.


Actually, it is a popular text link advertising program where ads appear as a text link in your blog content and are easy to implement on your website. You do not need any space to display ads. You can use these spaces for other ad networks as well. 


So, click here to join and know more. 




#3. Infolinks


Infolinks can prove to be a better AdSense alternative than Bitvertiser because you can earn better than their ad network. Their ad formats include Insark, Intex, Intag, and Infram. The biggest problem is that readers hate such ads. If you regularly bombard Infolinx ads, they may stop coming to your blog.


They have different payment methods like PayPal, bank transfer, western union, check, etc. and the minimum amount is only $50. If you have no other choice, join Infolinks here.


Infolinks is a lot like AdSense. You will get a similar ad format and you will also earn from CPC as AdSense. Another benefit is joining their approved program where you can refer people to join the image. The main difference is that the ads displayed are driven by the visitor search, not by the content on the given page. Their CTR and CPM rates are very low. One of the major benefits of joining Infolinks is that you don’t have to wait to pay. You can accept it as soon as you reach $50.


For this reason, it is considered one of the best AdSense options. It primarily provides in-text ads and other ad formats. I’ve tried Infolinks in the past and tested how it performs on my site compared to other ad networks. It has given me satisfactory results and good earnings. If your blog has well-targeted traffic, you can join this ad network.


If you want to monetize your website traffic, Infolinks has a very unique approach to your site. You do not need any ad space or ads through text links in your content. So, again, we may tell, Infolinks can be the best Google AdSense alternative for bloggers. 


So, click here to join and know more. 


So what are you thinking as the best Google AdSense alternative?


Those who have lost Google Adsense, will they quit blogging and get back their 9 to 5 jobs or traditional business? Or they should join another ad network or try again for an AdSense account. Google is becoming more and more strict about its AdSense policy. You will not easily get approval for an AdSense account or if your account has been suspended due to a policy violation, it is very difficult to reactivate your account or create a new account with the same name. 


And yes, I’m sure if you are addicted to internet income you will not be able to adapt yourself to any work or traditional business. What to do in this situation? Would you like to go for other Google AdSense alternatives? Then surely, this article will help you to choose one. Here Media .net will be a very good option for you and then if you need more support then you can easily try Bitvertiser and Infolinks as well. Need to mention, that there are some other good alternatives to Google AdSense, and you get those from other posts in this blog. 


So, click here to get more information. 


Pros of these Google AdSense alternative ad network


  • They are CPC and CPM-based ad network 
  • Hassle-free approval 
  • Do not affect website loading 
  • Trusted and secure ad network 
  • You will get paid 100%
  • There are no such restrictions to receive money from any country.
  • Overall, tension-free blogging life 


To sum up…


From the above-mentioned alternatives, once your website is verified, your work is almost complete. Now you just have to press the ad code on your website. If you do everything in the right way, the ad will come to your website after a while. From here you can earn an income. If you have trouble understanding something, you can contact their support option or you may contact us as well. 


Thus you can take payment from your dream website or blog. Income from the above sites will be a little less here than Google Adsense. But from here you can easily take payment. Hope those who have new to the blogging world and have some websites can start earning easily.



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