Audiense – a marketing weapon for 2022

Audiense tool

Are you looking for a marketing weapon that brings your business to the next level in 2022? Yes, you are reading the solution that will help your business growing faster and smarter. In this review content, we are going to introduce to you an exclusive marketing tool named “Audiense“.

The Audiense is a marketing weapon that helps marketers and consumer researchers to get relevant customers. Audiense intelligence platform puts consumer segmentation and cultural awareness at the front of your marketing approach, uncover new insights and inform your business growth strategies. Audiense can generate reports including a profile overview, follower statistics, following statistics, and content performance. By integrating bitly, Google Analytics, and RadiumOne with the solution, users can send automated personalized messages, share invitations and links with their target audience, and track their performance. It also enables users to compare their handles with their competitors to evaluate their number of followers, tweets, tweet content, and follower engagement. Phone support and online FAQs are available for help.


The Audiense has two products

(1) Audiense Insights: enables you to identify and comprehend any audience, regardless of how specific or unique it is. When building a report, combine multiple filter options, such as user profiles, affinities, demographics, and job titles to generate highly customized audience groups. You can make better marketing decisions, change your targeting, and increase relevancy with Audiense insights.

(2) Audiense Connect:  Create unique chatbots using social media marketing. By using audience analytics, anyone can create and explore communities, management, advanced monitoring, and listening activities. Audiense makes a variety of topics to enable your target communications.


Who needs Audiense

Marketers and consumer researchers can use Audiense to quickly identify unique consumer marketing approaches that, because they are based on rich and diverse social data, provide competitive differentiation.

Audiense can help the businessman who wants to obtain accurate and actionable insights, increasing reach, developing and implementing effective social marketing campaigns, identifying valuable segments, and taking action in their business.

Large enterprises, medium businesses, the marketing & advertising industry need this software to find out their customers.

Features of Audiense Insights:

  • Understand your current market
  • Effective Audience identification
  • Audience segmentation
  • Personality insights
  • Media strategy
  • Export reports to PDF or PowerPoint format
  • Others

Features of Audiense Connect:

  • Analyzing individual tweet
  • Twitter statistics in real-time
  • Connect Twitter to your email list
  • Followers should be tagged and have notes attached to them
  • Analyze the individual Tweets
  • Fans can be identified based on their interactions
  • Keep an eye on hashtags, keywords, and URLs
  • Twitter dashboard for determining the best time to tweet
  • Discover important Twitter Follower data
  • Analyze the competitors
  • Management of Twitter list
  • Integrated with Hootsuite
  • Modify your content to your target audience
  • Others

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Annual plan

  • Limited version of Twitter Marketing and Audience Insights 0$/month.This package covers Basic Community Analytics like time zone charts, language charts, user by the number of followers, recent activity, basic audience manager, and so on.
  • Twitter Marketing (Boost your performance on Twitter) 79$/month.This package offers Basic Community Analytics, Advanced Community Analytics, Tweet Analytics, export audience data into a different format, Twitter Ads, Automatic Rules Builder e.t.c
  • Audience Insights (Audience segmentation and profiling reports with social data) 696$/month. This package includes all the Audiense benefits.

Additional features of the plan:

Insights/Reports: If you’ve reached your plan’s limit, you may purchase extra reports. You cant use this feature in a free plan.

Owned Twitter accounts: All of the plans listed above offer the ability to manage, track, and analyze your brand’s Twitter account. You may use this option to add any additional social accounts you own.

Conclusion on “Audiense”

Audiense manages Twitter in the best way and it creates a complete picture of audiences with its tool. It is certainly reasonably priced, making it easy to coexist with other products. If you’re new to Twitter marketing, you’ve learned a lot and eager to put it all to use! You can also check the review of Audiense customers and get to know about the pros and cons of Audiense. A statistic shows that in 2021 Audiense is the market leader in their business sector. Audiense is the ideal complement of the marketing or sales software ecosystem you may already be operating, thanks to its focus on insights and analytics are limited to Twitter. So we can conclude that Audiense is one of the best marketing weapons for you in 2021.




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